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Sin if you do not eat onions!

Red Onion is rich in sulfur components that are responsible for its strong smell, but also some beneficial effects on health.

Cardiovascular Benefits
There is scientific evidence that sulfur components in onion acting against the blocking of blood vessels and unwanted accumulation of platelets. Similarly, a beneficial effect acts to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and also operates in improving cell membrane of red blood cells. In this way the onion is excellent in preventing heart attacks as a result of exceptional content in onion flavonoid.

Used for bone and connective tissues
Studies in humans have shown that onion is excellent in improving bone density and can have a significant impact for women in menopause who face losing her. In addition, women who have passed menopause and eat onions every day can reduce the risk of fracture flanks. The same study showed that women aged older who ate less onions (once a month), did not have much benefit from onions. High content of sulfur compounds affect connective tissue favorable seeking to form sulfur.

onions 1Anti – Inflammatory

Unique molecules of sulfur in onions inhibit the activity of macro phages – white blood cells that play a special role in the immune system and which has the function to protect inflammation to run a full range of responses. The activity of macro phages is usually a good thing, but sometimes stopping its operations is crucial to be chronic inflammation under control. Antioxidants from the onions are a great source of anti – inflammatory, because it prevents the oxidation of fatty acids in the body. When the body has less fatty, onion produces less inflammation and keeps the level of the inflammation under control.

Protection against cancer
It is shown that onions reduces the risk of many types of cancer, even when consumed in small quantities (the thick bowel cancer, throat cancer and ovarian). However, do not save onions if you want to have all the health benefits of onions. Try to add at least an onion in the preparation of food, in your plate should be at least half onion.

Other health benefits
Onion is shown excellent in improving blood sugar level, and in the prevention of bacterial infections. Along with sulfur compounds, quercetin antioxidant the flavonoid family has strong antibacterial activity. Interestingly, a study showed that fresh onion, minced, raw has more antibacterial effect on unwanted bacteria, but if you leave it more in the air (2 hours) – it loses all favorable antibacterial benefits. Therefore it is very important method of compiling and maintaining the onion, if you want to have the best.

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