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Prevention and treatment: Strengthen your immune system and cheat the flu

The main issue before the autumn / winter season, other than that relating to trends, how to protect yourself from the flu and colds. Given that most of us can not avoid stuffy room in which resides a large number of people, the best tactic is to strengthen the immune system and intake of foods that help to preserve health. Here’s a list:

Our immune system is stronger if our gut is more beneficial bacteria, ie. probiotics. These are those microorganisms that produce lactic acid and thus prevent the lands of disease-causing agents in the body. Probiotics that are found in certain milk products falling within this group of beneficial bacteria. There’s also miso paste, as well as in naturally fermented pickles and sauerkraut. The effect of action of probiotics depends on the regularity of publishing. Recommended daily consumption of probiotic yogurt, or for people who avoid dairy products, daily macrobiotic miso soup in the morning.

Royal Jelly
Food queen bees, which are offered in the form of ampoules or in combination with honey, pollen and vitamins recommended for strengthening the nervous system, as well as for the beauty of hair and skin. Note from whom you obtain natural products with royal jelly and honey because these products may contain harmful traces of applied excessive medication used for cultivation. If possible, opt for honey from organic production.

Fresh, or as preparation, this root is originating out of Asia proved to help in case of problems in digestion, flatulence, nausea, seasickness and dizziness. In Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is used as a “watt-tea” to soothe strained “watts” personality types. Essential oils of ginger helps with digestion and cell exchange substances. The large amounts of ginger and raises blood pressure affects the preparations for the treatment of high blood pressure. In small amounts (half a teaspoon mixed in a dish before the end of cooking) Ginger has healing properties for all persons.

Vitamins A, C and D are good for Destructors free radicals and thereby mitigate the effects of aging and prevent the formation of cancer. According to one study, if you overdo it with the intake of these vitamins in the body, the effect is the opposite of the desired. A possible explanation is that in this way destroys too many free radicals, which are not only harmful, but sometimes even participate in the processes of defenses. The conclusion is that antioxidants are healthy, but recommended intake for fruits and vegetables, not through tablets or capsules.

Extracts of these herbs have proven to be effective in weakened resistance. Echinacea will not prevent a cold, but in any event will significantly accelerate healing.

Aloe vera
Ointments or gels made ​​with this ingredient eponymous tropical plants used successfully for skin care and accelerated healing of wounds. You need to know: This action is successful in large part due to the high water content of the aloe vera preparations.

St. John's wortSt. John’s wort
This plant, whose oil is traditionally used to treat burns and skin irritation occurs, it is natural calming agent that helps with mood swings. There was also evidence that St. John’s wort works for patients with mild depression. Preparations of St. John’s wort has been recently in some EU countries are issued only with a doctor’s prescription because it was observed that may alter the effects of some contraceptives preparations.

Since Asian women eat a lot of soy and noted that they suffer less from climacteric symptoms, it was assumed that they’ve helped phytoestrogens (plant hormones like estrogen) contained in this legume. Recent research results have shaken this point: it was found that women’s problems related to the transition year were reduced after short-term regular dose of these plant hormones. “Asian phenomenon” is probably based on many years of intake of phytoestrogens from soy, starting from early childhood. As foods in regular diet soy is recommended: it has a lot of fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E, potassium and calcium. The proteins in soybeans are equivalent to those of the flesh. Soy milk is an alternative to cow in people who are intolerant to lactose.

Important: Avoid soy flakes and pieces, but consume soy in the form of tofu, Okara, tempeh, miso paste, tamari and other traditional Asian products.

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