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They find it! This is a herb that completely cures cancer for 16 hours!

This plant may become a drug in the fight against cancer. According to studies that has been published in “Life Science”, Artemisinin derivatives from plants “Sweet Wormwood” or “Artemisia annua”, which literally translated from English means “sweet wormwood” while in Chinese medicine is used for thousands of years and can kill 98% of breast cancer cells for only 16 hours. If …

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Alkaline Water Can Kill Cancer Cells And Here’s How!

Everyone is going crazy for alkaline water. It is ¬†stated that alkaline water cleanses the body, improves metabolism and annihilates cancer cells. Most of the research based on the subject was conducted in Japan, and it’s been very successful so far, however we haven’t tried testing anywhere out of Japan. Hint!: Japanese people have the longest average life span! This article …

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Here this natural supplement protects against skin cancer

Natural supplement, that gives yellow or orange of food products can help prevent of skin cancer, reports the website EurekAlert, referring to the US study. Anatole ingredient, that is derived from achiote plant was used by the ancient Mayans as the body paint. Today, the annatto is widely used in food industry as an additive, gives the characteristic color of products …

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