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Against Ear Pain – Grandmother Approved! Warm Sea Salt in a Sock

This old method is grandmother approved and great with no side effects from dangerous antibiotics and chemicals. It is all natural and quite effective. I have tried it myself when no antibiotic would do the job. Whoever suffers from earache, knows how damn painful it can be. I personally had middle ear infection. It seems there was nothing that could help. Of course at some point antibiotics would do the job, but not …

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Awesome cure for ear infections and cerumen ( ear secretion)

All you need is only two ingredients: alcohol and white vinegar It is very well known that alcohol and vinegar can disinfect . By this we understand that they can be used for ear conditions like ear wax, dried ear and ear infections. The mixture of these two is an efficient natural remedy that is absolutely better than antibiotics , in the beginning of symptoms. Suggested usage: Mix 1:1 . equal parts of …

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