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Unbelievable! Get Rid of Blackheads On your Face In Just 10 Minutes

We offer a unique method, which edge cleaned at up to shine and at the same time hydrates and nourishes the skin. After a few treatments you will notice how much stronger could be the effect of this simple procedure. Here is the procedure: Put 3-4 drops of honey onto fresh cut in half lemon Then rub with lemon anywhere and on any problem areas on your face, such as the emphasis on …

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If you know how much is a powerful this potion you will drink it every day. The best remedy for cellulite and excess weight

When we catch the tropical heat, all we want is a delicious cold satisfaction. If the first association has so far been Lemon with ice, from now you will try a new hit – water with cucumber. Except that will instantly refresh, this combination will be a good ally in the fight against cellulite and overweight. It is known that the water contains 0 calories while 1 cucumber average have about 50 calories, …

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The miracle recipe from honey, walnuts, cinnamon and pectin for weight loss and treatment of cancer

In this article you can find two recipes for weight losing and for the treatment of cancer, from the famous Prof. Mermerski from Bulgaria Who Is Prof.Mermerski Prof. Mermerski was born in 1934 in Vratsa,Bulgaria. He graduated the Agricultural Academy in 1962. His first PhD defended in Moscow. He has specialized in the University of Illinois, USA, in 1980. He was Deputy Minister of Agriculture and advisor on biological sciences, technology and agriculture …

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