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No Chemical Homemade Shampoo With BAKING SODA For a Healthy Hair

What would you do if you run out of shampoo or cannot have one? Have you ever considered using baking soda as a better alternative to your shampoo? Try it and you will be the envy of your friends because of the healthy glow and firmness of your hair. It is indeed a blessing for those that suffer from allergies and skin conditions that cannot tolerate shampoos because of all the chemicals in …

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Each morning she rolled hair in a cotton T-shirt. This is why she doing

If you want to have beautiful curls throughout the day and you not want draining your hair, then this trick is the perfect solution for you. To get perfect hairstyle, you need only one simple T-shirt with short sleeves. To be successful this trick,best time is after washing your hair, but if you not have so much time,then only enough to moisten. After moisten or washing your hair, grab a T-shirt and slowly …

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