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Chart for women according to height: What is your ideal weight?

The ideal weight is determined by many things, but mainly how tall you are and what kind structure of the body you have. Accordingly, there is a table that can help you determine what your ideal weight. The table includes only the average height for women and measurements are in cm and kg. and below you can see a table with US measurements. Here is a table with the US measurements (feet, inches …

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Taller people at greater risk of cancer

Cancer has been the main interest of many scientific health studies from a long time ago. But there haven’t been such voluminous studies as for example the one conducted from the Swedish Military to 5.5 million people born between 1938  to 1991. It is quite interesting to mention that they found a link between cancer and taller people. This was an extensive research by all means, they even calculated the growth and the …

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