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Foods, That Exactly For One Week Will Melt Fat Belly and Your Thighs

Nobody wants to have excess fat, especially in the abdomen, which is constantly most susceptible to this part of our body. The overthrow of accumulation sometimes impossible task for many people. But there are also easy ways to combat the problem, consuming the right foods. We suggest you to see our selection of vegetables that melt belly fat in just one week. Including them in your diet, will tone your body, will give …

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Why You Should Never, Ever Drink Water After Eating Hot Peppers

Ever wandered why does your mouth burn when eating hot peppers? A new video released by the American Chemical Society scientifically explains our body’s bio- chemical reaction . Capsaicin in the peppers is to blame for causing the strong and painful reaction in our mouths. Namely this molecule binds to our pain receptors in the mouths and makes the brain react in such a manner that it organizes the body to get rid …

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Just for 60 Seconds Save The Life Of Someone Who Suffered A Heart Attack

We have no reason not to believe to Dr.John Christopher when he claims that a man’s life who just suffered a heart attack can be saved with a single move. Doctor’s advice is that you should have any time a chili powder at home. Glass of water mixed with chili should be given immediately to a person who just had a heart attack. Or you can put under his tongue just a few …

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