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Run Away As From The Devil From These Six Foods!

After having over than 20 years was engaged with lawsuits related to food poisoning, Bill Marlar has compiled a list of foods, which you should not eat them, An expert on food poisoning currently involved in a the court case against the food chain “Chipotle Mexican Grill” for infection with Escherichia coli and norovirus, has won over 600 million dollars for its clients since 1993, writes CNBC. In an article in Food Poisoning …

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Can you believe that there is meat glued with a special chemical that glues meat leftovers into a whole big chunk of meat? Naturally we are made to eat meat and vegetables. The nature has provided us with everything. The problem is that humans the past decade or a bit before have learned bad ways to produce food. Nothing is as it should be. Nothing tastes good or if it does it is …

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Study Finds Pork And Human DNA In Vegetarian Hot Dogs

Americans are known by their famous hot dogs all over the world. But does the world know more of the hot dogs then the Americans do, is an interesting question. Every year a billion packs of hot dogs are sold in the USA. They are being consumed even though many times the public has been warned for the bad quality, off labeled ingredients , chemicals and other hidden content. This text is more …

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Why Is This Hidden from the Public: Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry has kept secrets and profited billions from this illness. Luckily there are alternative web pages that publish secrets revealed from scientists and investigators. Here’s a list of ten most dangerous secrets that have been kept away from the food and pharmaceutical industry Hormones in meat and milk: Most domestic animals are fed with artificial hormones in order to produce optimal   amount of milk and meat. …

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