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How to choose the healthiest dishes for your kitchen

One sip from plastic cups – and you know that you are drinking more tea.¬†Although glass seems stable, it is not. Have you ever noticed that the dried fruit, which remained long in a plastic package, capture the taste of plastic? This is because the ions and ions of plastic food starting interact. Avoid adding toxins in your food. These are guidelines to choose – and use – healthy dishes. Quality cookware helps …

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How To Recognize the Plastics That Are Hazardous To Your Health!

Are you checking bottles or plastic cups you drink to see the number engraved? Are you aware of the toxins that plastic cups and bottles release? Do you drink water from the same plastic bottle? If so, do you know how many times it can be reused? Please consider these issues seriously as some types of plastics that are used for storage are highly toxic To avoid uncertainty, see the following short warning. …

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