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Experiment for which talking around the world – Be careful where you leave your phone while you sleep!

Five girls from the ninth grade of a school in Denmark , brought out a very interesting experiment, which attracted great attention in the world and the photos they show on the Internet which sparked a storm of reactions in many researchers, biologists and experts on radiation in England, Netherlands and Sweden. The experiment consists in the fact that they observed as developing seed of same herbs in two rooms. The seeds were …

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The Amazing Chinese Herb Kills 12000 Cancer Cells For Every Healthy Cell

The chances are that probably know someone who has / had cancer, or you had / have. One of the highest rate of people diagnosed with cancer have in Canada. One million Canadians that were alive in 2009 were diagnosed with cancer in previous 10 years. Within their lifetime two of every five Canadians are diagnosed with cancer, while one in every four will die. One of out of two men will be diagnosed with …

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