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The Skin Reveals Health Problems: 6 Symptoms, Which Should Not Ignore!

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and often we are not aware of how it can actually help us in identifying some health problems. Therefore, these signs shall not be ignored. 1. Wrinkles around the eyes Wrinkles around the eyes may indicate vision problems. “If you have dark black under the eyes, wrinkles or just your eyes are swollen, you need glasses or sunglasses, if is in the summer ‘ …

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How to know if your body tolerate alcohol, gluten, milk and sugar? On the face can recognize immediately

The skin is a mirror of our health and the method of how we eat. Unhealthy foods and intolerance of certain products were responsible for the appearance of some skin problems especially on the face. Nigma Talib is a doctor which represent this infographics that reveals the consequences and the form of four types of the face, depending on what you eat and which products are unsuitable for your body.     1. Wine …

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Homemade cream from 2 components: treat stretch marks, acne, freckles, burns and scars

Probably many times have you heard about the benefits that have aloe vera and coconut oil, but in the case of skin diseases, is certainly not it occur to you that this is a mix that will help you. Aloe vera and coconut oil, they are popular ingredients in all body lotion. Often used, but what happens if you combine them, and what are the advantages for our health? Aloe Vera is good …

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