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Cure for Warts! The Banana Peel Home Remedy

It is known that bananas contain natural sugars – sucrose, glucose and fructose in combination with fiber. Thanks to its ingredients give us energy very quickly, after we eat. Despite all of this, benefits has from its bark Many people recommend a piece of bark to put on the affected area where is a wart on the skin. Try this natural recipe if you consider another option does not help. See how it …

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25 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas

You will not under estimate the importance of bananas after reading the following information that are carefully gathered for you after a long research . Bananas are good for hangovers, shoe shining, relieve itching, cure your warts, relax your nervous system, regulate blood sugar, bowel movement and believe it or not bananas help in treating kidney cancer, heart attacks and stroke. Bananas are great not only for monkeys 1. Bananas are abundant in …

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How to quickly remove small warts on your skin with only one ingredient?!

Small warts are benign skin growths that look like small, soft bubbles that hang on your skin. Although harmless, most of us want to remove them because they are inconvenient location, especially the neck. The good news is that you can remove them in your home and not go to the doctor. Need only one ingredient, ie apple cider vinegar. That’s all you need to remove warts without bleeding and without any scars. …

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