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Don’t Enjoy Your Flavored E- Cigarettes ! They May Cause “Pop Corn Lungs”

Quitting smoking is very important but how? Certainly not by having flavored E- Cigarettes! Do you know that your favorite flavor can cause the so called “ Pop Corn” lungs? To answer what “Pop Corn” lungs means I will show you what causes them and how hard it is to treat them. In the USA and the rest of the world there are thousands of different E- cigarettes and flavorings of many kinds, …

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Elixir to Help Clear Your Lungs, Best for Smokers

Everyone knows how damaging smoking is. The smokers know best how bad they feel with the breathing difficulties and the loss of energy. Despite all the warnings and facts that cancer and heart attack is caused by smoking, smokers continue to smoke… Some people get bronchitis months after starting smoking, some later, some don’t but they all suffer consequences for sure one way or the other. All you got to do is Quit …

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Which of our habits cause Sagging Breasts?


We all know that over the years our breasts (of us women) are sagging. A recent study shows that tissues are aged 2-3 years faster than the other parts of our body. But if we can not stop this process, we can challenge prematurely If you avoid the 3 things listed below your breast will look younger as long as possible. 1. Smoking It is well known that smoking contributes at skin to …

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