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How to remove a toothache only for seconds? The trick, that sooner or later will be helpful

Toothache can get intense. People who are afraid to go to the dentist, have to bear immense pain or take pills. If you’ve decided you really don’t want to go the dentist, there is a way to numb the pain. You can do so by rubbing clove spice on the area, the spice otherwise is used in certain dishes in India. How does it work? As soon as you feel pain in your …

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End of hemorrhoids! – Make this ointment to remove them forever! – Bronchitis, ulcers and …..

This super cream is prepared easily and cheaply, and can save you from hemorrhoids, bronchitis, ulcers and whatnot. The cream is obtained from only one egg (boiled, only the yolk ), 400 ml ( 13 US oz.) vegetable oil (olive oil) and 600 g ( 21.43 ounces) beeswax. In a bowl on hot plate put oil and in it over low heat melt piece of wax . When it boils, add the yolk mash. When …

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