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1 cup per day for 1 week, remove the toxins from the liver and gall! On top of that is delicious!

A healthy lifestyle has become very popular lately. People give up their bad habits, doing morning exercises, they eat a balanced diet, using natural cosmetics, but half of them did not live to see visible results. Disadvantages of the skin does not disappear, hair and nails are brittle, nerves are strained … And all this because our bodies wears out with …

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Homemade potion for a quick metabolism, remove any fat into you like a Tornado

Introducing homemade recipe for a potion, that accelerates metabolism and normalizes blood. Here’s the easy recipe for homemade decoction for a faster metabolism with apples and cinnamon. This useful mixture is extremely rich in vitamins and antioxidants and helps to accelerate the metabolism in the body. Pectin, which is contained in apple and essential oils to cinnamon stimulate digestion, helping to …

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How To Clean Your Intestines Only For One Day? Expel All The Toxins, Slags And Poisons, That Clog You..

The stomach also needs purification. For this purpose, you will not need any special products. Try this simple and effective technique! Take the bowl and in equal amounts mix grated beets, apples with peel and carrots. This is your food for the entire day. You should not take anything else to clean the stomach. You can only drink warm boiled water. …

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