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You should know about this recipe … Confessions of a one woman, who solved a big problem! Vaginal infection, successfully treated with GARLIC

  “After visiting the gynecologist and taking the treatment that was given to me, my situation improved. Only a month after, unfortunately that horrible discomfort came back and in a worse form.” – says a patient for whom  going to the gynecologist’s,  is a problem, where she comes from. ” After talking to a woman that has had the same problem after giving birth, I  decided to try her remedy”. As weird as …

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If You Often Have Bloating, These Are Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

When a person has overeaten, or is lactose intolerant, there may be cases swollen belly and  it’s not so serious. However, bloating can causes cancer. How to know the difference? Take a look at some of the diagnoses associated with dangerous and severe flatulence. Weight loss If you lose weight suddenly and you have not changed your diet or physical activity, this is something that should bother you. May be a warning for …

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