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This is how the human organism expands cancer

Scientists for the first time have managed to capture in real time how the cancer cells are separated from the tumor and travel through the body system of blood to vital organs.

To visualize the way in which cancer cells exceeds the tumor into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, in the process of metastasis, the eminent are the scientists of the Institute of John Hopkins who specializes in nano-biotechnology.

They have to visualize in real-time using artificial vessel that is made in the laboratory of Peter Searson, director of the Institute.

Simulating a blood vessel device comprising a cylindrical tube, coated with human endothelial cells and which is stored in a gel of collagen, a structural protein that supports the living tissues.


Small clusters of metastatic breast cancer is placed next to the gel in the vessel, while the liquid is full of nutrients pumped through a pipe in order to simulate the flow of blood. The use of fluorescent markers scientists were able to track the cancer cells in the coming days and all record.

The process shows the cancer cells in order to create a tunnel wall simulated vessel, after which the cells formed into pellets, and after a few days with the aid of a force that breaks the endothelial cells released from the vessel wall from the inside and the bloodstream carries on through the body.

The next goal of scientists is to use the artificial blood vessel to explore various strategies for the treatment of cancer therapy, such as chemotherapy drugs. The desire is to improve methods of finding and neutralizing tumors resistant to drugs.

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