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Try It: This juice is a natural cure for many diseases (INSTRUCTIONS)

We suggest that you make healthy natural juice, a great taste that can treat many ailments and diseases. The juice provides an excellent source of carotene, from which it is formed vitamin A, vitamin E, C, B1, B2, B6 and protein, cellulose and starch mucilage.

This potion is used in the people is very well when it was not developed medicine. The juice is then made by hand grating carrots. In the present era of modern juicer and blender the preparation it’s very simple.

The best thing is that you have for this drug, as a very tasty juice you need: fresh carrots and a juicer.
Yes, it is a freshly squeezed natural juice of carrot, which is the true source of health, and you probably did not know.

Juice regulated and completely neutralize stomach acid and eliminates heartburn. Just drink from 0.2-0.5 liters of fresh juice and heartburn will be neutralized without gastro-medication or baking soda.

The juice is used and the occurrence of worms in adults or children, where it is necessary to drink on an empty stomach in the morning and evening after 1-2 dl (0.4-0.8 cup)and in sips rather than all at once.

Juice is particularly recommended for patients suffering from gout and rheumatism. For these diseases need to drink one cup  with each meal.

The juice is used to clean the body and blood, and the faster urinary excretion. It is recommended that the elderly combined with milk and this 6 oz of juice add 6 oz milk and drink in small sips gradually, using this combination of seniors returning energy and improve memory and a sufficient amount of juice and prevent depression.

Carrots Juice

The juice is used for enhancing stools or constipation and drink it fresh on an empty stomach until the chair is not fully regulated.

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