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This plant will protect you from cancer

And not only that …

This plant will purify your blood and protect you from cancer

Echinacea is now best known plant antibiotic and antiviral activity.

Red coneflower and Rudbeckia fulgida are other names of these plants, which the North American Indians traditionally been used, together with the root, for the treatment of various diseases, and in particular wound, injury, infection and inflammatory conditions of the body.

It contains essential oils, cynarin, alkylamide, phenols, betaine, apigenin, ehinokozid, polysaccharides, borneol, ehinacin, resin, luteolin, polyacetylene, quercetin, kaven, chlorogenic, inulin, vitamin C, copper, iron, iodine, sulfur, potassium ...

Echinacea is now best known plant antibiotic and antiviral activity and is used to strengthen the immune system as one of the strongest – effective, immune stimulant which intensifies, it is encouraged, multiplication of lymphocytes (white blood cells) and macrophages (cells that arise from monocytes have cytotoxic or phagocytic capacity), which directly lead to the strengthening of the immune system (increases the activity and the ability of the defense cells) and is then used to treat low immunity.

ehinaceaLaboratory studies on mice confirmed great therapeutic properties of Echinacea in the treatment of abnormal cell growth, neoplasm – tumors, leukemia (inhibits cancerous cells), etc.. Echinacea is not recommended in autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis and AIDS.

Western popular medicine used to treat respiratory tract and diseases of the urinary system, skin diseases, ear infections, immune system, flu, infections, cancer, colds, inflammation, wounds, low immunity, cancer, insect bites, spider bites, fatigue, toothache, and for the regeneration of cells and purification of blood and body.

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