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Whey rids the body of toxins and dissolves fat

Very effective you must try!

Many people know that the whey is something that was used by our grandmothers, and for others it is completely unknown ingredients.

It is a liquid sweet flavor that resembles milk, and actually the rest of the cheese making process, once the cheese is separated from the liquid.

Precious because it is nutritious, helps regulate digestion, and because 16 quality protein – globulin, albumin and the immunoglobulin, eight minerals, seven vitamins (especially vitamin B2), 23 amino acids, 11 enzymes … – an excellent choice for health and development it helps in rapid cell regeneration.

According to some, these proteins are more valuable than the protein from eggs.

Since it promotes the work of the kidneys, liver and gall bladder, accelerates detoxification and discarding accumulated poisons. This fluid rapidly reaches all the organs which compensates for different deficits, but due to the low pH values, that is to transfer authority very fast.


It is interesting that a liter of whey has only 360 calories, less than half the same amount of fresh milk.

If consumed regularly, experts say that it helps in activating numerous bodily functions and at the same time helps in melting excess accumulated fat.

Initially, the whey should be consumed in moderation because it has diuretic properties. It can be consumed three times a day for 1.5 deciliter, and if in a few days do not appear any adverse effects, it can be consumed whole liters daily. Some people drink and just to quench thirst.

Many whey used to treat candida infection,
In the case of indigestion, high blood pressure, cholesterol, various diseases of the intestine, kidney, liver and gall bladder, and a good ally with accompanying embarrassment during chemotherapy and radiation.

If you are among those who are trying to eat healthy and natural, whey would definitely have to find on your list of most foods, among other things, because it does not contain preservatives.

In the diet of infants it can make up breast milk.

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