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With chestnuts against the fatty deposits

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With chestnuts against the fatty deposits

Chestnut is not as caloric as the rest of the fruit, and is nutritionally valuable meal saturated.

If you care about weight, autumn is a good time to take advantage of all the benefits of horse chestnut. 100 grams (7-8 cup) chestnuts contain about 200 calories, and a serving of boiled or roasted chestnuts, even with chestnut puree, you can replace a meal.

The advantage is that the chestnut is poor in fat, and because of the large quantity of chestnut starch composition is similar to the composition of grains.

imageChestnuts contain proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, and a healthy grocery nutritional sense, and therefore recommended as commodity that should be included in any healthy diet.

Additionally, chestnut complements worn energy supplies in the body and gives strength and stiffness of the muscles, improves immunity and is effective against anemia.

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