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Diet with sour milk QUICK WEIGHT LOSS

If you want in a short time to loss weight , we offer you a fantastic diet.

The diet lasts 7 days and decreasing by 9 – 13 pounds

The principle is the following: Eat sour milk when you want and how much you want.
Moreover, you can add other foods according to the rules:

1, 2, 3 day

You can add cooked rice or potatoes menu. No fizzy drinks! Alcohol is allowed only white wine and no more than 1 cup.

4, 5, 6 day

Besides sour milk you can eat and boiled chicken or roasted. You can add a fresh salad. Without alcohol and carbonated beverages.

Last day

Sour milk and fruit. Only without bananas and grapes. You can afford a glass of wine. It is important after you finish the 7th day do not start to overeat.. Gradually increase the amount and add them to other foods.

diet sour milk

It will be hard just the first 2 days. If you wish to get something good, just think of your favorite skinny jeans that you couldn’t imagen to wear. It always works. Wait to share the results. Success!

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