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He ate only “healthy” food for two months. The results will leave you speechless

Man On Sugar-Heavy Diet Gets Stunning Diagnosis After 60 Days

Australian actor Damon Gameau decided to conduct a rather extreme experiment to show how “healthy” food is actually unhealthy. He is 60 days eating all those foods that otherwise qualify as low-fat and healthy – fruit juices, fruit yogurts, cereals and sports drinks. After a few weeks of such a diet, full of hidden sugars, received a fatty liver, gained a few pounds and began to feel lethargic and irritable.

Damon before this experiment spent three years avoiding products that contain added sugar, but because of this experiment again started eating them. Namely, he is knocked from his diet ice cream, sweets and fizzy drinks, which obviously contain a lot of sugar. But he began to regularly consume low-fat products, which typically have much more added sugars.

If you thought that a cup of cereal with fruit yogurt and a glass of fruit juice ideal healthy breakfast, Damon will help their case to explain why this is not true. He is these 60 days is recorded on his movie “That Sugar Film”.

– Sugar is found in 80 percent of the food we eat, but given that dominates the constant confusion about its effects … I need concrete answers – he explains in the film.


Man on average during the day intake 40 teaspoon of sugar, and it not even aware. That’s four times more than the recommended daily intake. Even if you did not eat ice cream or drinking carbonated beverages, after only a few weeks of “healthy” foods to which it is indicated that a reduction in the percentage of fat, he began to feel the negative effects of added sugar.

The doctor told him that he got a fatty liver, and it is estimated that in Australia more than six million people suffer from this disorder. Terrifying is the fact that only every thousandth fatty liver comes from the alcohol, but in all other problem in the diet.

He also began to feel lethargic, sluggish, irritable, and claims that he did not feel satiated even though he put the same amount of calories. One of the psychologist in his film explains that sugars and how these impact on the psyche, and to become unstable if you consume too much sugar.

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Other experts warned that it does not matter what form the sugar is coming, and that all sugars equally dangerous.

– All sugars, whether they be white, yellow or fruit concentrates in fruit juices have the same effect on your health – emphasize the experts.

Although Damon within 60 days eating only food that has been described as “healthy”, they hooked up three inches around the waist, and the doctor told him that he would be at this pace soon became obese.

– Low fat yogurt and plates of muesli and fruit juices, sports drinks … These are things that every parent offered to their children, thinking that doing the right thing – explains Damon.

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