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The magic cabbage soup that melts fat

The help in loosing weight

There is no magic pill for slimming, but we have a magic cabbage soup, which speeds up the metabolism and burns fat without hunger

The recipe for this wonderful soup from cabbage appeared a few years ago.
People who consumed every week claiming to have lost up to 17 pounds (8 KG).
Real charm of this soup lies in its ingredients. After you eat this cabbage soup, you will not feel hungry for several hours.

To prepare these magical cabbage soup you will need:

– 1 head cabbage (2 lb-1 Kg)
– 2 fresh green peppers (0.33lb-150gr)
– 1 kg of carrots
– 6 heads of spring onions (0.66 lb-300 gr)
– 1 tablespoon of leafy celery (0.06lb-30g)
– 1 tomato sauce (0.44lb-200g)
– 2 cubes of soup

cabbage Soup Diet

PREPARATION: Vegetables is required chop into small pieces. Slip into a larger pot, Pour the water and let it boil. Once boiled, let the karst on low heat for about 15-20 minutes. Add salt as desired but do not put too much salt.

By introducing the cabbage soup diet in your nutrition will refresh your body and strengthen your immune system. Cabbage is a very healthy food that promotes to rid of toxic substances from your body.

This soup will help you to start your slimming, but it will not be the final solution to loss weight problems. You must combine daily consumption of cabbage soup with:

Day 1 – fruits, all except the bananas
Day 2 – all green vegetables and boiled potatoes with butter
Day 3fruits and vegetables, potatoes
Day 4 – 3 bananas and fresh milk
Day 5 – piece of chicken breast or fish
Day 6 – roasted meat, bread and salad
Day 7 – natural rice and vegetables

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