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MIXTURES of cottage cheese, flax oil and seeds treatment for most DISEASE – DR.BUDWIG Protocol

Here we introduce to you the one of the most prestigious non-medical protocols in the world that is designed to treat the most severe diseases especially cancer. It is made from the protein-oil protocol designed by the German doctor of biochemistry Johanna Budwig. The protocol consists of the consumption of a mixture consisting of cottage cheese, flax seeds and oil, as well as recommendations that type of food should be eaten. The protocol is highly recognized and highly successful in the treatment of serious diseases and has been applied literally across the globe countries, particularly in Western civilization. For this method we can say that it is probably the most successful and most widely used alternative treatment for cancer and other diseases that do not involve chemicals and drugs and was designed by a doctor of biochemistry.

Protocol has been developed in order to cure most cancers but is successfully used and to other degenerative diseases, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, or psoriasis, and other diseases and conditions. Dr. Budwig, and her colleagues, claimed that they had a large number of cases the reduction and complete regression different cancers.

Now that probably we have your attention, we’ll move on specific ingredients and method of making:

cottage cheese

INGREDIENTS for a day DOSE OF MIXTURE for severely endangered:

– 6 tablespoons of flax-seed oil

– 12 tablespoons of cottage cheese

– 4 tablespoons of raw flax seed

Mix cheese and oil in a bowl with ordinary blender about 1-2 minutes until foamy mass, which can not be seen oil. Then grind flax seeds in a coffee grinder about 10-15 seconds. Add the seeds to the cheese mixture and oil and mix well all over again. Finally, you can add a tablespoon of local raw honey.

Mix again all together. The mixture should eat only fresh made within a maximum of 15 minutes of mixing. Flax seeds always grind before mixing, do not grind them in advance or buying the milled flax seed because the oxidation and loss of use value.

For mild cases and diseases and the preventive use used half of that dose per day. The mixture is used every day and in more severe forms of the disease is permanent or lifetime.

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