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MIXTURES of cottage cheese, flax oil and seeds treatment for most DISEASE – DR.BUDWIG Protocol

In the mixture can feel free to add, if you make all kinds of raw vegetables, fruit or raw nuts.

Cold-pressed flax oil can be found in most supermarkets and health food stores and at its opening it is important to hold it in the fridge because it is highly perishable.

In some cases at the start of application the easier dizziness in some patients noted cases in which it is recommended first few days of consuming fresh mint tea to undo the occurrence of vertigo.

The protocol involves the permissible and the forbidden food and drink primarily for cancer patients:

Permissible and recommended items

Flavor as a sweetener, raw local honey, figs, berries

All plants and vegetables without additives, raw or dried, and can be frozen
All nuts raw or roasted peanuts
Raw and unprocessed cocoa and unsweetened coconut milk
All teas
All sorts of wholemeal flour
Pickles and other purely natural pickling foods without preservatives
All kinds of fruit without artificial sugar
Olive and other cools pressed oils, unrefined
Low fat cheeses

Little chicken and turkey (domestic) and blue fish species

Exposure to the sun whenever possible but of course during the summer only in the morning and evening with as much movement

2-3 liters of water a day

What to avoid

Hydrogenated fats and refined oils

Animal fat

Meat especially all kinds of pork as well as all other types of red meat
Seafood (crab,shrimp and all kinds of fish with a hard shell)
White bread and pasta all made from white flour are strictly prohibited
Ice cream and full-fat dairy products
Sugar and similar highly sweetened products are strictly prohibited
All highly processed and canned foods
All chemical products for household (use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning)

Forbidden used a microwave, Teflon and aluminum cookware, only use one porcelain, stainless steel, Pyrex glass, and the like.

DR BUDWING – This list of some of the permitted and prohibited items for use in the protocol is primarily designed for people with cancer but it is a very useful guide for healthy people in the prevention of cancer and other serious diseases.

DR.BUDWINGIn this article due to the extent we’re not unable to go into detail the methods and the use of food or in the links that we introduce at the end of the text,but on many websites and forums on the internet you can find lots of instructions and a book on how and what to use.

Many patients who claim to have been cured and run a regression of cancer and other serious diseases using the Dr. Budwig protocol. You can also find a number of forums on the internet where thousands of patients on personal examples detailing the implementation and success of this protocol. Since all of the proposed components of a healthy and completely harmless strongly recommend that all interested parties informed about the details and the possible application of the protocol of the German doctor of biochemistry, who died in 2003 in her 96th year of age.

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The Budwig Protocol

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