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9 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Kidney Disease and Detoxify with Natural Drink

There are simple and efficient ways to clean your kidneys with different kind of drinks.

The abdominal cavity is the place where the kidneys are located. Every person has 2 kidneys, one is located on the right and other on the left side (this was easy). What the science of medicine teaches us is that kidneys store energy needed for life since the birth time, kind of energy that is very essential for the daily activities. Supplied energy from food consumption comes from stomach and spleen, so they are considered to be postnatal life energy suppliers.

Many experts agree that the condition of your physical age is determined from this life energy stored in your kidneys. That’s why some people appear younger and some don’t, result of the full life energy in your kidneys, or because they lack of it.

kidneysIn fact, life energy stored in the kidney stimulates energy flow within other organs, creating a better environment for their work. In classic books kidney medicine described as the root of the tree, other organs such as branches and leaves of the tree.

In addition, the kidney is closely related to childbirth. If the couple does not have full power in the kidney, it is very difficult for the rest pregnant and the birth of a healthy child. Therefore, if young couples desire to bear a healthy child, should pay attention to their kidney health.

Some reasons for early kidney weakness:

1. Uninterrupted work: not only physical work, but and mental health, continued harms the kidneys. Therefore, we suggest that you find rest during work time. Although it is very important, but the health of the kidney is also important. In fact, a 1-5 minute break between classes is very necessary and sufficient.

2. Excessive fluctuation emotional: Harassment major health definitely kidney damage. We should emphasize that excessive joy or grief affects the health of the kidneys. Earlier we mentioned that the maintenance of a stable condition spirituality is one of the best ways for an excellent health.

3. Excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco: Coffee is a very popular drink in the world, does not suggest that you completely remove that up, but you are advised to check the amount of its consumption. Within a day, the consumption of a cup of coffee is enough. But excessive consumption of these can cause damage to the kidneys.

4. Flu: In medicine coldness is the worst element that damages the kidneys outside. Therefore, we suggest that during the winter season be endued well.

To maintain kidney health should consume foods with dark colors like black beans, black rice, seaweed, chestnuts, etc. these foods should be consumed in winter and autumn.

1. The introduction of the feet with warm water before bedtime: In medicine feet are the weakest part that can be attacked by coldness. At night, temperatures are lower. Therefore, the introduction of the feet in warm water for about 10 minutes before bedtime can make you foot warmer. This is a very effective method for kidney health.

2. Meditation: Deep breathing is actually a method effective way to remove fatigue. Many people with large loads breathe faster, which overdrive lung and kidneys. According medicine breathing process enables not only the lungs. Kidney also plays an important role for air absorption. If the kidney is weak, will have difficulty absorbing air. Therefore, deep breathing exercise can stimulate the circulation of oxygen within the body, providing healthy activities kidney. An old coaching on breathing medicine requires breathing imagine that all the world’s finest materials are entering to you; during extracting breath imagine that all evils are coming out of your body. Try this method in nature and will feel great

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