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A New Incredible Way of Curing The Ingrown Toenail!

Every fifth person in the world averagely deals with a problem of ingrown toenail, which can be very unpleasant and painful problem.

In most cases people visit a doctor, but we will show you another procedure you can do it at home.

1. At least twice a day for 15-30 minutes soaks your feet in warm water. Warmer-water,  is much better.

This procedure is used mostly to soften the nails, but it’s very helpful to preventing the foot infection.

For best result is recommended usage of antibacterial soap.

2. It’s advisable to keep within your reach of hands all the necessary nail editing accessories; from scissors to nail clippers to tweezers patrons and cotton.

3. After performing a feet bath, cut your nails and dry your feet well with a towel.

If you want to avoid the risk of growing the nail into the skin, perform a rounded nail cutting.

4. Now lift the ingrown nail from the toe using a sterile needle while putting cotton in the interspace. Do this very carefully and do not rush at all. In order to prevent infection of the toe and irritation you should place cotton under the ingrown nail.

Keep in mind that during the day wile wearing socks and shoes this toe will be in contact with other toes, and this will cause sweating.

5. If the color of your toe starts changing from intensive red to dark blue, it means your toe got infection. The moment you will notice this it’s advisable to treat this infection with a right medication prescribed by your doctor.

6. When you are at home, avoid wearing socks and shoes. This will let your feet breathe.

7. Change the cotton at least once a day, while continuously checking the situation with your nail. You should try to give a high priority to your toe hygiene like this for two weeks while your new nail grows, after which we promise you will forget about the problem with your old ingrown nail.


Tip: Another way to prevent the inflammation of the ingrown nail: on a damaged nail put a slice of lemon and wrap it in gauze and leave it like this overnight. Infection will be neutralized from the acid that lemon contains.

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