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Ginger for Losing Weight

After many well studies it has been confirmed that ginger has many benefits when it comes to weight loss. We will show you how to use this herb in different occasions when your aim is losing weight.

What does ginger contains:
Zingiber officinale is the original Latin name of this herb known today as ginger. First was grown in south Asia but after a while its production spread mostly across East Africa and Caribbean.

Today ginger rhizomes are used as spices and also their usage is widely known in producing drinks such are ginger beer and ginger ale.
The distinctive taste and odor of the ginger is due to the chemical content of different groups of phenol compounds such as zingerone, shogaols and others.

GINGER FOR WEIGHT LOSSThe beneficial use of ginger is to be known in the modern medicine also, for its anti- inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and many others healthy effects to our system. It’s a promising candidate in many anti-cancer studies done in the science world today.

It’s important to keep in mind that the ground root of the ginger herb has much bigger nutritional value. It contains 80.9% moisture, 2.4% fiber, 2.3% proteins, and the rest is carbohydrates, minerals and fat.

Ginger and its health benefits
Throughout the history ginger has been known for treatment of different kind of conditions such as diarrhea, gas, constipation, nausea and others. It has various uses in cancer treatment and heart diseases. It has also been proven to have positive effect in treating osteoarthritis and joint pain.

The way ginger affects weight
Used as a digestive aid
By stimulating the digestive enzymes it increases the ph levels of the stomach, which results in improving digestion. This effect directly plays major role in losing weight because it increases efficiency of ingesting food, which contributes in eliminating bulking parts of the food ingested. Those bulking parts if not being digested properly are the main cause of gaining weight. As time goes by they turn into fat and glucose. Ginger prevents that!

Improved metabolism
Ginger is considered a thermogenic agent for its burning fat properties.
A study that has been taken in Holland confirms that the usage of ginger speeds up the metabolic rate of the body by 20% and successfully treats obesity. So the stored fat in the body is burned efficiently and this results in weight loss capability. Worth mentioning is that it reduces levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in our body.

Enhancing the feeling of satiety

One interesting study has been published in a journal named “Metabolism” in a year 2012, done by the group of researchers from New York Obesity Research Center and Columbia University. The study has been done in a way of experiment with 10 adult but overweight men. To each and every one of them has been given a ginger tea right before their breakfast for 2 days in a row. By analyzing their feeling of hunger during this period they manage to find out that breakfast accompanied with ginger tea significantly increased their feeling of satiety after this kind of meal. So there is another proof about how ginger efficiently increased the feeling of fullness to these men, and therefore this effect leads to losing weight by eating less food.

Ways to take Ginger for Weight loss
There are different ways of using ginger. It can be used as spice for the food or from its fresh or dry roots to make a ginger tea. It can also be consumed in a form of capsules, extracts and oils.

lemon-ginger-teaIt is recommended not to be given to children under the age of 2, as for the adults they should consult with their doctor if they are currently taking some prescribed drug or supplements. Keep in mind that maximum daily dose of ginger should not exceed 4 gram. For woman in pregnancy maximum dose is 1 gram.
Most commonly used way to take ginger is by making a ginger tea. In a 4-6 ounces of hot water you should add half teaspoon of ginger herb in a powdered form.

FDA – Food and Drug Administration does recognize ginger herb as pretty safe to use, although rarely but there has been known some side effects such as diarrhea, belching, heartburn and a mouth irritation. It also may cause hypoglycemia and hypotension so it’s not recommended to people suffering from diabetes and those with low blood pressure. So the final proposal stands to be that the best results in weight loss with ginger is a combination of this herb with a restricted diet and a healthy exercise.

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