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You can make your own energy drink rich with electrolytes

Early and Bright Recipe

Things you need:

-1/4 cup of lemon juice freshly squeezed

-1/2 cup of orange juice freshly squeezed

-1 to 2 cups of fresh water

-1/8 teaspoon of sea salt

-2 tablespoons of natural honey or sugar, for the taste


Repeat the directions given above; you can also experiment with different kind of flavors.

A small hint: orange and citrus fruits contain a high level of electrolytes.

orange juice

Smooth and Sweet-ie Recipe

Things you need:

-1 cup of fresh water

-1 cup of ice

-1 cup of strawberries

-3 cups of coconut water

-2 tablespoons of natural honey or sugar,


You need to throw all the ingredients above into the blender till you get a smooth mixture and make sure everything is thoroughly mixed.

strawberry juice

What actually are electrolytes, and why does our body needs them?

We can write many pages writing and explaining about electrolytes. Telling you about the different kind of electrolytes out there and what do they really do.

But we decided to spare your time and tell you just the basic stuff that will concern you the most. Our body contains only these kinds of electrolytes; sodium, potassium, calcium, hydrogen carbonate, hydrogen phosphate and magnesium chloride.

Their benefit to our health is that they regulate our muscle and nerve function, pH levels of our blood, blood pressure, helps rebuilding damaged tissue and controls our hydration.

The so called “water poisoning” can occur if we leave our body without them. For a better explanation of how much our body needs electrolytes to function normally, let’s just say that it regulates the contraction of your muscles from your heart to the tiniest toe muscle.

Too much electrolytes and these muscles over react, too little and they become weak. Maintaining the normal levels of electrolytes isn’t really hard thing to do: it’s achieved by eating a balanced diet.

But there are times that a simple diet won’t be enough, especially in the times when you push your body to the boundaries with hard work out while losing too much sweat.

Pregnant women also have constant need for electrolytes, or when you’re feeling sick. So before buying one of those branded energy drinks, try making your own!

Your body will be very grateful.

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