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Scientists Find That Ripe Banana (with dark patches) Fights Cancer Cells

It seems that there is an internet “rumor” that cancer can be fought successfully with ripe bananas…

Hmm well: some things are not just a simple “rumor” perhaps, if we consider the fact that some scientists from Japan did find out that ripe bananas actually contain substance named TNF alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha).

This substance not only increases our system immunity but also helps to prevent carcinogenic diseases.
So to put it simply, the more the banana has dark patches the more healthily and stronger is to fight cancer cells in our body.

This is achieved because this particular substance (TNF alpha) increases the number of the Leukocytes (white blood cells) that has the ability to fight cancer cells in our body.

ripe bananaBut ripe bananas increase production of another anti – cancer substance in our body: it’s called Lentinian.

This second substance is usually given intravenously as anti cancer drug.

There are two types of bananas that can be found in the market today: Sweetio (banana cultivated on the highland) and Cavendish (most common type of bananas available on the market).
Sweetio bananas are the one that contain the higher level of these beneficial substances and are much healthier. Even though there are 20 edible strains of banana and around 300 wild ones.

Other fruits and vegetables that do contain immunostimulant substances are: kiwi, ginger,eggplant, garlic, grape and watermelon.
Chemical compounds that naturally occur in plants are called phytocemicals.

They play many beneficial roles in strengthening the immunity of our system and fighting various diseases. Phytochemistry has become very popular to study in recent times, while earlier studies have been taken mostly on nutrition.

So eating 1 or 2 ripe bananas per day is a great way to fight cancer cells and increase your immune body function. This claim may not be supported by American Cancer Society, while they keep their claim that: “eating fresh fruits and vegetables is much healthier than supplements based on phytocemical dietary.

Bananas with more brown spots on their yellow skin contain more sugar than green bananas, so this fact makes them a perfect energy boos after or before the workout.

Its important to keep in mind that bananas too ripe to eat that contain lesions in the skin is better to be avoided, they might contain certain type of bacteria.

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