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Secret Behind the Toothpaste Bottom Color

When we buy toothpaste we don’t usually pay attention to its bottom color.

But we think that will change after reading this, where we will you provide you more details about your toothpaste.

All you need to do is take a better look at the bottom of the toothpaste, at the package there should be a colored stripe.

Depending on the composition of the toothpaste, stripes on the bottom will be of different colors.

It’s not very hard after taking a better look to recognize them.

In that case, we will provide you information’s about the meaning of the different color of the stripes:


Green stripe – means its all natural

Blue stripe – natural with added medicine

Red stripe – natural with added chemicals

Black stripe – its all chemical

Considering the fact that this ingredient information’s are available to customers, there are some claims that this has nothing to do with an ingredient of the product.

Although, the list of ingredients is very clear to giving us such information’s.

We will leave this decision to you; you can do more research on the topic if you are highly interested about having more correct information’s.

This is the way for you to find your toothpaste that suits you the best!

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