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5 Tricks against colds and flu, which surely you have not tried ( but you should)

The winter is a season when everybody sneezes, coughing and we do not leave our apartments without the handkerchief,but we have a help from Dr. Woodson Merrell from New York which he shared some great tips and tricks to avoid the common cold or flu this winter.

1. Try steaming eucalyptus or peppermint

It is the old grandmother recipe – steaming! But even though you can’t understand why you should your head to be covered with a towel ramming over a pan of boiling water, believe it, because is really works.

In the inhaler if you have a modern variation, drizzle with essential oils of eucalyptus or peppermint, which operate with expectoration, and they can kill the infection.

If you do not have an inhaler, then try the old way – In hot water, add a few drops of essential oil and put a towel over his head.

2. Cook with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herbs and spices

You’d be surprised what all natural cures have in the kitchen. For example, garlic and turmeric. – Dr. Merrell called the most powerful anti-inflammatory agent. He advises both spices try as much as possible to put in food, because they have a anti-microbial properties.


3. Let you tea tree oil be close at hand

Tea tree oil from Australia proved its antiviral activity against influenza in a study conducted in 2009.
Dr. Merrell recommended to carry a small bottle of organic tea tree oil ,and from bottle little breathe in when you are in crowded places such as bus, tram or shopping center.

4. Eat Manuka Honey

Adding a little manuka honey in hot tea, smoothie or even oatmeal, could help you fight off infections. In a recent study, microbiologist Elizabeth Harry from Sydney found that “when compared with other types of honey, Manuka Honey has proven to be most effective in preventing the growth and development of all types of bacteria.”

5. Increase the humidity in the air at home

Tests have shown that there is a reason why the common cold and flu in the winter. In fact, according to research conducted in 2009 by Jeffrey Shaman of the University of Oregon, the flu virus more easily survive in conditions where the humidity is lower, which increases the chance that the more people it infects.

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