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According to Harvard Scientist You Should Immediately Stop Drinking “Low Fat” Milk

There is numerous health benefits found in raw organic milk, something that vegans have been saying all along. A sort of sweetener is added regularly to your dairy products and conventional milk.
This is why a Harvard pediatrician and researcher argued that these added sweeteners are compromising to your health.

In the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics was published a research done by David Ludwig.
This research was mostly based over beverages with added sugar sweeteners, which was found to have harming effects. There are many known illnesses caused by the high consumption of sugar such as: diabetes, obesity, inflammatory pain and many more. Many organizations firmly stand on their positions to avoid consuming sugary drinks: American Academy of Pediatrics, United States Department of Agriculture and some other share the same recommendation.

Pasteurized-Milk new

However, many recommendations made from such organizations are put into question by the researcher David Ludwig. His position in this case is clear, saying that there is no scientific rationality for continuous heavily promotion of consuming reduced fat-milk, while it’s considered single calorie beverage.

His statement: “In the last half century the most prevailing advice given to Americans is a recommendation to drink three cups of milk every day. The average American is growing fears that if he doesn’t follow this recommendation his bones will probably crumble without them, so they keep drinking gallons of milk per year”.

This piece of advice given by USDA recommending American public to keep drinking low fat-milk does more harm than good according to Ludwig. This recommendation encourages people to consume added sugars, which contradicts all healthy advice’s which are given based on many research and they all have the same result: don’t consume sugar sweetened beverages. The whole dangerous idea of consuming low fat-milk or milk chocolate is that added sugar in these products becomes substitute for natural organic healthy fat that dairy products contain.

“If you take out the fat from chocolate milk it doesn’t taste good anymore, and the worst situation is getting kids to drink 3 cups a day of this sweetened beverage with sugar”…there is a variety of foods that can give us plenty of calcium. Let us put an example; milk has less calcium than cooked kale based on a gram for gram. Also green leafy vegetables, sardines, nut seeds beans are all calcium rich food.

Dangers of Low-Fat Dairy and Milk

There are many other arguments in full-fat vs low-fat for dairy products and milk. USDA recommendations are being criticized heavily as mentioned above by Harvard researcher

David Ludwig and truth be told he has a point when doing this.

Some vegetable oils (sunflower, soy, corn, and canola) contain refined polyunsaturated fats and certain trans-fats that should be avoided for reasons. Saturated fat which is found in milk, grass fed animals and coconut oil proves to much more beneficial to our health even though this kind of fat was considered dangerous for decades, but in 2010 the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study where it was clearly stated that “No dietary saturated fat consumption is associated with any kind of cardio vascular disease or coronary heart disease.
Simply there isn’t any evidence for concluding that”

Drinking dairy products containing full-fat is much more beneficial. Much healthier is when you consume them in pure state (organic, raw, and coming from grass-fed cows).

Consuming full fat dairy actually helps controlling diabetes, promotes heart health, lowers cancer risk, helps vitamin absorption and even promotes weight loss. So if you want to promote your health, use pure dairy products and avoid conventional ones.

You should get more interested about what your conventional dairy contain, don’t be surprised that there could be antibiotics, over 20 painkillers and other stuff found in your milk.

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