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Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit

Did you ever think that the most efficient treatment for your cardiovascular disease can be found in your kitchen cupboard or growing on a tree in your back yard, and not necessarily in your medicine cabinet.

Progression of Coronary Artery Disease Can Be Prevented With a Pomegranate Atheroclerosis are known to be accumulated fatties in your coronary arteries causing their progressive thickening and all this leads to cardiac mortality.

It’s confirmed in the study published in the journal Atherosclerosis that pomegranate extract plays a major role in reversing and preventing this primary pathology.

Pomegranate extract was given for two weeks via drinking water to mice with genetic susceptibility toward spontaneous blockage of coronary arteries.

This pomegranate treatment indeed increased levels of cholesterol which are related to lipoprotein-sized particles with low density.

But at the same the same treatment did manage to prevent occlusive atherosclerosis plaques building up in coronary arteries, and reduced the atherosclerosis plaques in the aortic sinus (aortic valve has this dilated opening).

Clean Your Arteries

Pomegranate extract also showed remarkable results and was very efficient in treatment various coronary diseases in many ways, here are some of them:

Oxidative stress levels get reduced

Inflammatory processes within the arteries get reduced due to reduction of chemotactic monocytie protein-1

Lipid reduction is reduced in the heart muscle 

Macrophage infiltration in the heart muscle is reduced

Levels of fibrosis and monocyte chemotactic protein-1 are reduced in the myocardium

Cardiac enlargement is reduced

ECG abnormalities are reduced

As shown above, so many coronary artery diseases are reversed by this commonplace and benign fruit extract which is a remarkable thing.

How can that be? Maybe the answer lies in the fact that our ancestors were dealing often with organ function deterioration due to the lack of adequate quantities of the fruits they weren’t able to consume.

Linus Pauling is the two-time Nobel Prize winner and he argued that primary cause of coronary disease

is the deficiency of vitamin C, regarding this to our ancestor’s capabilities to have only year round access to fruits.

Perhaps this is the reason why they lost synthesizing abilities.


Pomegranate can prevent the clogging of your arteries; many clinical research studies confirmed this fact.

The journal Clinical Nutrition back in 2004 published the results that were taken from a three year chemical trial over Israeli population, their findings were as followed: by up to 29% carotid artenory stenosis is reversed when a pomegranate juice is consumed daily for 1 year. Surprisingly positive results were achieved in artery unblocking effects; up to 9% increased the blockages in the controlled group.

We already explained some quite broad values of pomegranate in treating various cardiovascular diseases, here are some properties confirmed with experiments:

Anti-inflammatory: Inflammation is considered chronic degenerative disease, and plays a major role in pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease.

GreenMedInfo.com has a list of studies on pomegranate properties in preventing inflammation.

Lowering a Blood-Pressure: Natural angiotensin that pomegranate juice contain converts inhibiting properties of the enzyme, enhances a nitric oxide, resulting in lowering your blood pressure with a help of these two known pathways.

Disturbed flow of the blood is caused by perturbed stress on arterial segments.

This effect is reduced by punicalagin- a substance that pomegranate contain.

Anti-Infective: Chlamydia pneumonia and hepatitis C are viral and bacterial infection often caused by plaque build up in the arteries. There are wide broad of anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties found in pomegranate.

Anti-Oxidant: Oxidation is one of the ways that can cause heart disease from blood lipids. LDL in your blood may be “elevated”, but it’s considered to be harmless unless it oxidizes.

Measured by levels of serum paraoxonase, pomegranate can reduce the oxidative stress in the blood. Atherosclerotic lesions can be reduced up to 44% due to oxidative stress decrease.

One study on mice confirmed this.

Source : GreenMedInfo.com

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