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Eliminating Your Cough In Only One Day

If coughing persists more than a week it’s perfectly normal to try different procedures in eliminating it, otherwise it gets very annoying.

In various respiratory conditions that involve cough and cold best natural treatment to be used are onions.

Especially if they are taken raw, they represent excellent treatment to conditions such as: cholesterol level, arthritis, diabetes and above all they make beneficial for the heart.

This is due to their sulfur and flavonoids compounds and generally they act as antioxidants.


101 fl oz water

1 lb Onions


Cut the onions into four pieces after removing their mustachio and skin.  Now fill an ordinary pot with water and place the onions inside.
Heat the water till it boils down by half, and let the water to cool and strain.

You can add lemon or honey to the water for a taste and twice a day drink one and a half cup of water.



2 Medium Onions

2 Medium Apples

14 walnuts


Just as the first time cut the onions into quarters and remove the skin and its moustache. Cut into four pieces apples as well and wash them well. Break up the walnuts and place all these ingredients into pot with 3 liters ( 12.5 cup) of water.
Let the water boil till it is reduced by half. And once again you can add some lemon juice or honey for the taste.

Drink three times a day one cup of this water.  Most surely cough will be eliminated.

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