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Indoor Ways of Growing Endless Supply of Ginger

Perhaps you never considered growing your own plant of ginger herb. If you use a lot of Ginger for many health benefits that it has, than you will not regret trying this easy way to grown your own Ginger.

This beneficial herb is used mostly in medicine and as a spice. The official name of ginger plant or ginger root is actually the root of Zingiber officinale. The largest producer in the world of the ginger root plant today is India but it’s originated in China. For the first time was exported to Europe as a spice trade.

Ginger has so many benefits for our health and it helps in many cases such as; arthritis, respiratory problems, menstrual pains, stomach distress or even treating sun burns. For three thousand years ginger is known to be around. Interesting fact is that in the 14th century in England a pound of ginger cost as much a sheet.

When you grow ginger at home you should know that it takes as much as 10 months to completely mature. If you live in the country where mostly gets cold, than you should grow your ginger root in your house planted in the pot.

When it comes to indoor growing ginger its best to use smooth and thick root stems.

When ginger is left for too long to sprout effectively it will show some signs like thinning roots or shedding skin. Best places to buy a ginger are from a seed catalog or a garden center.

Now that you finally have purchased your ginger root it’s advisable to soak the roots over night in the water and then you can cut them into pieces. It’s important to keep in mind that you should leave at least few bumps in segments, because these bumps are actually the buds from which new plants will grow.

Warm weather, moist soil, humidity, wide but shallow pots and sheltered spot are things that ginger likes the most.


Ginger can be planted using these steps:

1. Ginger roots are ready for planting after you soak them in warm water overnight.

2. Your pot should be filled with well-draining and rich soil.

3. Ginger root should be stacked in the soil with its eye bud sticking up after which you can cover it with 1 to 2 inches of soil, and then water the soil well.

4. Don’t place your pot in the areas of your house where it gets direct sunlight or where it stays considerably warm.

5. Use a spray bottle to keep your soil moist or you can simply water it lightly.

6. If you did everything right after a few weeks you probably will notice in the pot a shoot that its popping out of the soil, but this shouldn’t stop you to continue the watering process and keeping the soil misty all the time.


Even though you can use the root for you needs before the eight months mark, for a complete mature growing ginger needs 8 to 10 months. In cases when you decided to use ginger before its complete mature growing, first make sure you dig carefully at the side of the comp after which you can cut off whatever you need.

You can dig up the whole plant just after 10 months are passed. If you still want to keep your ginger plant ready to be harvested, after digging up the plant you can pot it again and repeat the same process explained above.

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