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The Amazing Chinese Herb Kills 12000 Cancer Cells For Every Healthy Cell

The chances are that probably know someone who has / had cancer, or you had / have. One of the highest rate of people diagnosed with cancer have in Canada.

One million Canadians that were alive in 2009 were diagnosed with cancer in previous 10 years.

Within their lifetime two of every five Canadians are diagnosed with cancer, while one in every four will die. One of out of two men will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States, as for women the rate is one out of three.

Unfortunately these rates are getting higher and higher as we keep recording them: so many people are beginning to wonder about the environment that on a daily basis we chose to surround our self.

chinese herbRadiation and chemotherapy are only two treatments that are approved for cancer, so it’s really a good time now to start putting them into question when it comes to the efficiency of these methods. It’s almost inevitable that cancer treatment should open up to new methods and medical community is aware of this. Radiation and chemotherapy are extremely toxic for our body, so it actually kills the patient more quickly by fueling cancer growth. And still nothing is being changed for decades.

But there are other alternative methods of cancer treatment, one of them not very known includes Chinese herb. Cancer cells can be killed with a derivative of the wormwood plant called artemesinin, which is so efficient that kills 12000 cancer cells for every healthy cell. This isn’t just a wild guess; it was actually published in “Life Sciences”, article

“Cancer Letters and Anticancer Drugs”.

Cancer cells have a huge appetite for iron, so this fact was used by research team led by Henry Lai to synthesize a compound that would make cancer cells the target. The amazing thing about treatment with artemisinin is that it leaves healthy cells unharmed while it kills those with a cancer.

“Selective rate of artemisinin to kill cancer cells is 100 times bigger as opposed to normal healthy cells. Normal cells are not targeted at all by artemisinin while it’s 34000 times stronger in killing cancer cells. Cancer killing properties of artemisinin are greatly increased by the tagging process that is capable to perform.”- Henri Lai.

Artemisinin hasn’t been yet used on humans, despite the fact that is already licensed to Holley Pharmaceuticals.

“Transferrin is recognized by cancer cells as only harmless and natural protein.

They named as a Trojan horse because when the cell picks up the compound she doesn’t now that the bomb (artemisinin) is hidden inside”- Henry Lai.

The healing properties of the wormwood extract were recognized centuries ago in China.

Over the time it was forgotten but now is rediscovered thanks to the medical remedies that were found in ancient manuscript. It seems like a perfect anti-cancer drug with minimum side effects, for it kills 12000 cancer cells for every healthy one.

Artemisia Biomedical Inc is currently being licensed to this compound by University of Washington. It’s a company founded in Newcastle by professors of bioengineering Lai, Sasaki and Narendra Singh, for commercialization and development. Human trials will not start at least for several years. Sasaki claims that artemisinin is readily available, and has high hopes that developing countries can manufacture this compound to be cheap and available to cancer patients all over the globe.

The abstracts read:

“Free radicals that kill cancer are created when artemisinin reacts with iron. Since normal cells contain relatively less amount of iron opposed to cancer cells, only the unhealthy cells are exposed to toxic effect of artemisinin. As shown in previous research, artemisinin is not drawn to healthy cells as to cancer cells. Iron carrying plasma glycoprotein transferrin was covalently attached to artemisinin in a present research.

Receptor-mediated endocytosis were used to transport the transferring into the cells, and was noticed that cancer cells on their surface express more transferrin receptors and endocytose more transferring oppose to normal cells.

Its an efficient way for both artemisinin and iron to be transported as one package into cancer cells, by tagging artemisinin to transferring. Iron will be released and ready to react with artemisinin which is tagged to the transferring once it gets inside a cell.

Toxicity and selectivity of artemisinin towards cancer cells this way will be enhanced. When compared to artemisinin, holotransferrin-tagged artemisinin was found to be very selective and potent killing cancer cells. Thus, an effective chemotherapeutic agent can occur for cancer treatment can occur from this tagged-compound.

Another abstracts read:

“Artemisinin disruption of E2F1 transcription factor expression is clear demonstration that it mediates the cell cycle arrest of human breast cancer and represents a critical transcriptional pathway by which reproductive cancer cell growth is controlled by artemisinin.”

Currently FDA approved artemisinin only for the cure of malaria, it’s very easy and safe to use. It’s cheap and can treat all kinds of cancer, but it hasn’t found its way into the mainstream yet. We should move beyond just chemotherapy, radiation and surgery for the treatment of cancer.

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