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You drink it every day, and you are not aware that protects you from cancer

Many people can not even imagine starting the day without this drink. But did you know that coffee consumption reduces the risk of skin cancer?
Here’s how. A study conducted by over 450,000 people in the US for 10 years, shows that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of the most disease of skin cancer – malignant melanoma.

Malignant melanoma falls into malignant tumors derived from melanocytes. Frequently occurs in the skin, but may also occur on other parts of the body where there are melanocytes. At the beginning of the study people with an average age of 63 years who was committed study were healthy, and three thousand over the next 10 years is ill with skin cancer.

Researchers found that people who regularly drink every day for a cup of coffee is less risk of cancer of the skin. The same study demonstrated that individuals who drink four cups of coffee, the risk of cancer of the skin was 20% lower. However, scientists warn that more than four cups of coffee a day could cause growth of blood pressure. The results of that study are published in the journal “Journal of the National Cancer Institute“.

coffee drinkIt is believed that the caffeine in coffee helps protect healthy cells but also prevents the disappearance of cells damaged by UV rays. Former studies have shown that coffee consumption may help reduce diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and liver cancer.

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