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You Must Read this guide before you decide to drink green tea for weight loss

Green tea is widely known to boost metabolism and in fighting body fats, its one of the reasons why this beverage is celebrated world wide.

Products like ice cream with green tea flavor and iced tea are among many that contain extract of green tea.

There are many different choices but still a question remains: are they all efficient for weight loss and is it worth spending your money in all of them?

Well, some of these questions which are related to weight loss caused by drinking green tea luckily have been answered:

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Fresh Green Tea

However you decide to use it green tea won’t harm you, but consuming a fresh tea bag is simply the best choice.
Once you start using it, it’s recommended that you drink it up within six months.
Because the levels of antioxidants present in the old tea bag start to diminish, and they won’t help you much losing weight.

Brand Matters

If you have truly decided to lose some weight, than don’t hesitate to spend your money on various brands that offer products with high quality green tea. What matters are the ingredients and also used tea leaves.
You should focus finding products without natural preservatives and those who use only natural ingredients.
There are known many beneficial effects of green tea, but remember that when it comes to vitamins it’s not complete.

Other flavors of Green Tea

In the market there are available many green tea products with different flavors such as cranberry or pomegranate. Most of them contain natural sweeteners and sugar, so it’s better to avoid them. Otherwise they are generally fine.

Hot tea vs Cold

Green tea is the same no matter you have it hot or cold. But if you true aim is to get rid of that extra flab then you should consider more drinking a hot green tea, for a reason that iced tea is mostly diluted in water and some of the health benefits are wasted.
While preparing your green tea try not to boil your water completely. It’s a good advice to pour the water over your tea bag right before it boils, and leave it for two minutes to cool like that.

Green Tea on the Go

You can simply ass green tea extract to water if you don’t have too much time for tea brewing. Right measurement of this technique can offer you the same results when it comes to weight loss.
With a help of this method, 10 cups of green tea will have the same results like 1 ml of green tea extract.
Green tea capabilities of burning body fat and many antioxidants and healthy substances makes it still the best choice in the world when it comes to natural diet.

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