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You Want to Know What Are Primary Causes Of Breast Cancer?

Proper knowledge is the best power to prevent cancer and that’s what you need to, get empowered. This information is useful to any woman so it’s a good thing if you can share it with others as well. Some of them might be eternally grateful.

A simple everyday routine that you practice often is putting on antiperspirants. Thing you should know them is that they contain aluminum; therefore you increase the risk of breast cancer.

Basic ingredient of the antiperspirant is aluminum, which works by blocking, closing or clogging the pores that produce sweat. But you need to know that our body releases its toxins via our underarm sweat, so antiperspirant blocks this detoxification natural process. Another problem is that once you spray them or roll them on where this metal ingredient is going.

We can neglect the fact that there is a correlation between use of antiperspirants and a breast cancer; this is also confirmed by the latest studies. If you have a habit using antiperspirant right after shaving risk of cancer increases.


Deodorant was believed that is much safer to use than the antiperspirant.

But association of breast cancer with parabens has been confirmed after recent studies.

Deodorants contain many parabens. In the breast tissue of a dying woman from breast cancer was found a high amount of parabens, just to give you an example.

Is Breast Cancer Caused by Bra’s?

Lymph drainage can be cut off from wearing a tight fitting-bra. Many researchers and physicians agree on this. This can be a cause for a breast cancer development due to disabling the body’s capability to excrete all those toxins you’re exposed on everyday life. It’s known that lymph drainage can cause this accumulation of toxins in your body which are potentially dangerous. Aluminum from antiperspirants is considered to be the source of these toxins.

There are many cases correlated with breast cancer and wearing bra, but a single important case is the one described in the book “Dressed to Kill; The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras” – written by medical anthropologists Soma Grismaijer and Sydney Singer. They did a study which included over 4000 women, and it confirmed their belief that women have a much lower risk of breast cancer if they don’t wear bras:

Here is what they found:

Chances of developing breast cancer are 3 out of 4 if you are wearing your bras for 24 hours straight.

1 out of 7 is the risk of those women who wear their bras only for 12 hours: they remove it when going to bed.

Risk decreases to 1 out of 52 of those women who wear their bras less than 12 hours.

Only 1 out of 168 is a chance of developing breast cancer for those women who never or rarely wear their bras.

If we compare women who never wore their bras with them who wore them 24 hours per day, risk of getting breast cancer is increased for 125 times. If we carefully examine the results taken from this study, there is a three time bigger chance to get a breast cancer from wearing bras than of those smoking cigarette.

Other risk factors which could have skewed the final results of this study were not controlled. Similar link between these two are also found on other studies. Wearing a bra or a girdle can decrease by 60% melatonin levels in your body: this is also confirmed by the group of Japanese researchers.

Your sleep cycle is regulated by this hormone melatonin, but most important thing is that it possesses anti-cancer activities.

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