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Check the functioning of the thyroid gland with the help of a thermometer

Dr. Barnes 50 years ago revealed that the body temperature is a excellent indicator of the work of the thyroid gland, especially temperature which is measured in the morning immediately after waking up.

How to start a test

In the evening prepare a thermometer so you’ll have to shake off, that temperature in a thermometer must be below 95 Fahrenheit.(35 C) In the morning, after you wake up immediately put the thermometer under the arm to have more effect, you should know that between the thermometer and the skin has no clothes, and hold it for 10 minutes, After 10 minutes, check the result and write it in a notes. Remember that this morning basal temperature and it is normal to be between 97.7 Fahrenheit and 98.24 F (36.5 C and 36.8 degrees)

Check-functioning of the thyroid glandTest results:

If your temperature is between 97.7 and 98.24 Fahrenheit Fahrenheit (36.5 C and 36.8 C) then your thyroid gland is working normally. If your temperature is below 97.7 Fahrenheit (36.5 C), it is the reduced function of the thyroid gland. What leads to a reduction function or hypothyroidism : loss of energy, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, headaches, chronic infection, poor concentration …

If the temperature is higher than 98.24 Fahrenheit (36.8 C), then it is accelerated work or hyperthyroidism. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism are nervousness, weight loss, hot, clammy skin, rapid heartbeat …

You need to repeat the test at least three days, so that you will be more precise.
If you believe that the body temperature above the normal range, then consult your doctor for help to restore the normal function of the thyroid gland.

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