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Get Rid of Flu and Cold in Only 5 Minutes

Unpleasant situation for many people is the common cold. Fortunately now with alternative methods, we can activate the power of the body to deal with the cold before deepen and move into something more serious than a flu cold.

Try proven massage on the following points on the face:

Point 1: It is located exactly between the eyebrows. You must press and hold for one minute.

Point 2: These points are located in the area of the temples or 2 cm from the end of the eyebrow. You must press simultaneously.

Point 3: Two points symmetrically placed at the bottom of the nose at the inner corner of the eye. Massage them at the same time.

Point 4: symmetrically spaced points around half a centimeter side of the nostrils.

face pointsWith fingertip, press the point about 1 minute

You need to press the point strongly, but not painful. No matter which way you are doing the movements with your fingers, the point is to have a pressure on the spot. The main purpose is to cause influx of blood to the given point.

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