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Juice of POTATO: Cure for most difficult DISEASES

Healing properties of potatoes are known from a hundred years ago. Especially healing from potato juice which helps to treat several diseases. Successfully treated:

Gastritis – 1 tablespoon potato juice diluted with a little water ,should be taken half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner

Gastric ulcer – 50 ml. potato juice on an empty stomach, and 50 ml. potato juice before lunch and dinner

Blood sugar – daily consumption of potato juice

As part of the treatment for lung disease – daily consumption of potato juice

Cancerous diseases – potato juice is part of Brojsova therapy for treatment of cancer

Diseases of the liver and spleen, heart disease, frequent headaches and menstrual cramps – daily consumption of potato juice.

Juice of POTATOPreparing potato juice

Wash the potatoes and remove the green parts of the crust. Put the potatoes in a juicer and not even a full minute you have a glass full health. Instead of using a juicer can grated potatoes and linen cloth nice strain it. Drink fresh.

For Best flavor you can mingle with honey, lemon juice, carrot or apple.

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