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The magic power of the little finger

Only impact on the little finger of the left hand can significantly improve your health. These are ancient healers knew! Their practice is partially subjected to doubts and partly forgotten.

Unfortunately! Since it is really interesting technique, and most importantly, it is justified in many cases.

Massage to reduce appetite

For this purpose, before meals is necessary to massage the tip of the little finger. For men and women there is a difference:

Men – 12 hours massage anticlockwise,and after lunch – clockwise
Women – up to 12 hours a clockwise direction,and in the afternoon – against.

High Noon this point should not be touched.
Ancient healers used various massage techniques for working with different points of the body. These are stroking, pressing, using needles. Using these techniques are treated too many diseases of all systems of the body

fingerMassage for liver disease

But not only the little finger is used to solve health problems. Chinese healers used index for diagnosis and treatment of liver, they call them “the fingers of the liver.”
Using the index, you can check the status of your liver. For this purpose: stretch palm force straighten your fingers and keep them in suspense, then you should try to fold only index.
If everything worked, and the other fingers folded with the pointer, then the liver is normal.

If the fingers begin to be folded together with the pointer, this means that it is necessary to strengthen the liver. This requires daily massage forefinger duration 2-3 minutes several times a day.

Massage for flu and colds

Here are some examples of the use of the method. When you have colds is necessary to find a painful point the thumb of the left hand – in the middle of the upper phalanx around the skin to the nail, and held there buckwheat grain or green peas with adhesive tape (in case of strong cold). Periodically pressed grain. Rhinitis will pass quickly, and this method may also serve to prevent colds and viral diseases.

Massage for knee pain

If you have problems with your knees (or hurt badly folded, especially among the elderly, should be massaged middle knuckles of the ring and middle finger.. These knuckles are points that correspond to the knees – right knee corresponds to the ring, on the left – middle finger. In various diseases of the joints of the knees is necessary on the joints of the middle and / or ring finger to put a patch with seeds of plants such as carrots, red pepper or tomato.

Acupressure for tiredness

For intensive mental loads, frequent stress, severe fatigue, helps relaxation acupressure hands.

It is necessary to massage the little finger of the left hand with the forefinger and thumb of the right. Starting from the phalanx of the nail and is pressed is provided to the base of the finger by massaging the whole finger.

Massage row thumbs of both hands. The technique is like the previous one.

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