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The old folk remedy against cough

The combination of honey and onion from ancient times is known as an effective natural remedy against cough.

The advantage of these natural medicinal ingredients is what you can get at any time of the year, and very likely that you are going to always have on hand in your kitchen. Also, when preparing this remedy with these ingredients, you know what you have used from ingredients as opposed to the purchase of syrup or other products that often contain preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances..

Onion and honey for expectorant – Recipe:



1 onion
2-3 tablespoons of natural honey

honey and onionPreparation:

Choose a nice and healthy onion, medium size. Onion peel and cut the sharp blade length and breadth, but not all the way to the bottom. Thus prepared head place in a deep bowl and pour honey.

Cover the bowl salver and leave at room temperature during the night. The next morning, strain the mixture through a thick gauze. This is a dose for one day.

Take one spoon of syrup every two hours, or more as needed. Surely after a short time, you will already feel that you breathe easier and soon you will start to expectorate.

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