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Prescription for removal of the salts of the uric acid from the wrists

Gout is a metabolic disease which is manifested by the occurrence of acute arthritis relapse, and in the treatment of a patient – the appearance of chronic arthropathy. The disease is caused by the accumulation of crystals of monosodium urate.

Also, there is and hyper uremia and hyperuricaemia. In individual cases arise and kidney stones, or deposition of urate in the medulla of the kidney.

Prescription to alleviate the gout:

Take 25-30 bay leaves and boiled in 600 ml of water.
After boiling a little, move away from the fire, immediately put in a thermos, which well closes. This a potion should stand from 3 to 8 hours.

wristsThen the mixture was filtered, the leaves are discarded, and from potion should drink for 3 days in small sips, each of the three days to prepare a new potion.

Once the first drink dose for three days, pause 7 days and again makes the same liquid again and drink for 3 days. Then made a break from 6 months.

While you drinking this liquid from the body is discarded a lot of potassium, so you should eat bananas, dried apricots, prunes and other products that contain potassium. When drinking the potion, shall not scare you bad smell of urine, why this is normal.

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