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All went crazy on the diet yogurt: People will not be able to recognize you after this diet!

A diet yogurt of Anna Luke became the Internet phenomenon, which is spoken in months. The diet is based on probiotic yogurt, which stimulates healthy intestinal flora, which further contributes to faster digestion, remove toxins and weight loss.

With the yogurt you can eat fresh fruit, but in no case should not eat high-fat milk.

This is a 3-day diet plan:

joghurt diet1 day


Morning eat homemade fruit yogurt or plain oatmeal as desired.


Rice with vegetables. Besides salt and pepper do not add any spices. For dessert eat fruit yogurt.


Before bedtime make a salad of ham and carrots. Cut a carrot, apple and 50 g ham, so together season with olive oil. Then add a little yoghurt.

2 days


Salad of pickles, cut into cubes and a cup of yogurt.


Meat on the grill or in the oven. Add sliced fresh mushrooms and pepper. When the vegetables are soft, add yogurt to make the sauce.


2 cups yoghurt mixed with some berries.

3 days


In a cup of yogurt mix cheese, finely chopped apples and a little cinnamon.


Bake a meat 150 g, and in addition make a salad of yogurt, cucumber and a little mustard.


Boil 100g pasta, add 1 chopped pepper and 1 egg. Mix together with a little yoghurt.

How this diet affects health?

Short-term application of this diet will certainly not interfere with the healthy people, but not recommended for a longer period of time.

Losing weight is only achieved through calorie restriction and the positive impact of probiotics from the yogurt

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