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Point of luck in our body: It neutralizes the negative energy and strengthens the immune system!

There is a an organ in our body about which very little speak, but which we can rightly call the “point of happiness”. And it did not need a long to find. It’s pectoral gland or thymus.

The thymus or gland chest, is an organ which is located in the front, upper part of the chest or mediastinum. The thymus is the central organ of the immune system. In newborns and children is well developed, while after puberty starts his involution and converting it to fat body.

The keys of immunity in the man holds the thymus. This gland plays an important role in the development of the body most important defense corpuscles T lymphocytes and total immunity, but at the same time, is was the first in the body which begins to aging.

Experts from the fields of biology and immunobiology are currently developing methods for, to say the least, recovery functions thymus with the help of stem cells. After recognizing the lack of success of antibiotics and vaccines at immunity, current science taken enormous hope in the extension and quality of life that promises success of this research of the thymus!

point of luckHow to find the point where is the thymus

Should only put two fingers together on the pit at the front lower part of the neck, just above the breastbone. It will be the approximate location of of the thymus.

The thymus called “point of happiness”. This gland helps neutralize the negative energy, strengthen the immune system and overall health.

How to activate the “point of luck”:

Slight tapping, touching and gently massage these points are very effective methods that help raise your energy vibration to a higher level.

This gland keeps the energy of our body. Therefore, when our energy system imbalance occurs, the gland can not help. It is a bridge between the brain and the body. During stress glands is reduced, leading to reduction of life energy.

To stimulate the thymus you can and with your hand (only a slight tap, do not hit it hard in the chest). You can tap or touch gently with your fingers, massage it. Do this for about 20-30 seconds and at the same time breathe deeply. Of course, you can pronounce and a positive affirmation at the moment.

You’ll find out when your “point of happiness” is activated “- you will have the feeling that you tingling throughout the body, and you will have a feeling of joy and happiness. It may take some time until you feel something.
Work such an exercise every day and you will experience its effectiveness.

If you have frequent panic attacks, anxiety, stress – Do it several times a day and you will be able to regain your life in equilibrium.

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